Cooperation nursery visit

From mid-September, BIEA started to received applications from interested international nurseries in Shanghai, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Xi'an and Beijing due to the E-League (Early Years League) project which BIEA is fully launching in early 2019, the programme is specifically designed to cater for early years education through British EYFS techniques.

The E-League R&D team went to Xi'an during the week of China’s National Day holiday in October 2018 to conduct a preliminary inspection of one of the interested organisations, visiting the location of the New Zun International nursery, which has applied to become an official E-League cooperation nursery.

The study tour mainly focused on two aspects: “understanding whether the nursery's EYFS concept is recognised” and “whether the nursery environment and the teachers qualified as being a cooperation nursery”.

The E-League R&D team held an in-depth idea exchange with the core staff and teachers of the New Zun International Nursery on the UK EYFS system. During the visit and they found that the operation team of the New Zun International Nursery had a deep understanding of EYFS and recognised the essence of British early years education - “respecting the child's personality + building positive relationship + stimulating ability.” Building an environment with this quality has been proven to enhance the learning and growth of children.

The head of the New Zun International Nursery then led the E-league R&D team to visit the nursery environment itself. When introducing the main environment, the head of the school once again reiterated the strong demand for authentic British early years education resources from the parents of his nursery.

During the visit, The E-League R&D team told the director of the New Zun International Nursery to record the details of the visit and inform the UK E-League committee of their current demand for authentic British early years education resources. At the same time, it was recommended that while the nursery was waiting for the assessment results from the UK committee, they could start learning from the EYFS resource packages and pay close attention to the CPD training information released by the BIEA E-League program, to gradually improve on their EYFS knowledge.