BIEA’s EYFS program offers a comprehensive range of specialist CPD for teachers that include workshops and sessions focusing on specific areas such as a best practice or specific aspects of the curriculum itself. Every course is full of inspirational ideas, providing teachers with the knowledge and skills that make them more effective in their fields.


The BIEA early years league is a flagship platform designed to offer the best of British educational training, mindset and equipment to overseas practitioners.

British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) education is held up as a prime example of early years education around the world and as such BIEA’s E-league is there to make it easy for organisations to start their journey towards EYFS accreditation.

Any overseas nursery or kindergarten can apply to gain BIEA’s quality mark and as soon as they have been approved their journey can begin. E-league CPD EYFS accreditation takes place over a year. A senior staff member is invited to the UK to attend specialist CPD workshops while other staff have the opportunity to attend three CPD workshops in their home country. The organisation will also receive a visit from a UK EYFS expert four times over the following year to check on the progress that the organisation is making towards EYFS accreditation.

All E-league members also gain access to handpicked British educational resources, specially designed for EYFS environments. Organisations can pick anything including clothes, furniture, books and courses and curriculums. We also reserve a slot for local education products that show the best of what that country has to offer. Interested parents may purchase items through participating organisations.

E-league is a yearly program and it is intended that organisations follow multiple cycles to allow their staff to continue to get the best training to teach in an international style.

Overseas study tours

BIEA provides opportunities for early-years teachers, managers and investors to visit the UK and see some top examples of British EYFS in practice.

Visitors are taken care of by attentive and multi-lingual BIEA staff from the moment they step off the plane with all travel and accommodation taken care of. Top examples of EYFS practice are handpicked to be shown to visitors including both state and independent institutions. Guests are given intensive training workshops by outstanding EYFS practitioners as well as tours and guidance during their trip.

Through their visit, overseas guests will experience what EYFS is like in the UK as well as being able to travel both within and outside of London. Guests can make the most of their trip with cultural activities and sightseeing at the end of the visit and bring back all that they have learned to their staff and home countries.