Teaching in China


To provide teachers with a structured, effective approach to transitioning to delivering education in China, BIEA runs an ‘Introduction to China for Teachers’ session every two months in our London office. This aims to help teachers understand the technicalities of leaving the UK to work in China.
This informative session includes a variety of important topics including:

  • Tax
  • Pensions
  • Insurance
  • Holiday allowance
  • Legislation
  • Working hours/condition
  • Salary expectation
  • Accommodation


In combination with the regular posting of oversees vacancies by our members, we provide a foundation for teachers to embark on a successful career in education within China.
If you would like to attend our Introduction to China for Teachers sessions or learn more about it, please register your interest via email.
We work with a great number of reputable private schools/nurseries in China, however, prospective teachers must meet the following requirements laid out by the Chinese State Administration for Foreign Expert Affairs. There are different procedures for various nationalities and for different locations around China.


To apply for any teaching position in China, teachers must meet the following requirements:

  • A Bachelor’s degree
  • Two years of post-graduate work experience
  • A TEFL certification (120+ hours). Some schools will still accept a 100-hour certificate, but 1st-tier cities like Beijing and Shanghai require at least 120-hours of TEFL training
  • A clear national Criminal Background Check
  • A clean bill of health from your home country. There is also a requirement to do a second health check in China