On December 9th, Sharron Fogarty, UK Teaching and Research Director of the BIEA Early Years League (E-League) and Jie Bai, Director of E-League (China) attended the Guancui International Nursery (part of the Shenzhen Guan Cui Education Group) parents’ briefing and then conducted the BIEA EYFS Cooperation Nursery accreditation ceremony.

During the briefing session, Sharron presented the British concept of EYFS to the participating parents. She gave a detailed explanation of the goals that EYFS was created to accomplish in developing children, including what kind of environment to provide and how to effectively teach young people. The listening audience was very receptive to Sharron’s explanation of how EYFS would work in a Chinese context.


After the briefing, Sharron and Jie awarded the “BIEA EYFS Cooperation Nursery” plaque to the Shenzhen Guancui Education Group, marking the start of their official collaboration with BIEA who will provide full resource support to the group. Jia Liu, General Manager of Shenzhen Guancui Education Group gratefully accepted the plaque and delivered a speech to the waiting audience.


As an internationally known and respected system, EYFS is not only concerned by early-years educational experts but has also gradually gained mainstream interest from parents in China. Due to internet firewalls the amount of information about EYFS that parents could access has been limited. The clear explanation delivered by Sharron clarified and deepened the understanding of the parents who were interested in the EYFS system, making them confident in sending their children to EYFS nursery.



As the cooperation nursery of BIEA, Shenzhen Guancui Education Group has support in EYFS teaching resources provided by the BIEA E-League membership programme. It will also receive regular guidance and support from the early-years education experts from the UK as part of its membership. After the parent briefing session and the award ceremony, parents were eager to send their children to the Shenzhen Guancui International Nursery. Some parents even signed their children up on the spot creating some fierce pre-registration by parents worried they would not be able to get a place if they delayed.


The enthusiastic response of the parents has enabled BIEA to continue to recognise the needs of Chinese parents in adapting to the EYFS system. The BIEA E-League will continue to provide comprehensive and professional EYFS services for its E-League partners and members and continue to fully support domestic nurseries in adopting EYFS, bringing the best learning support to children and the best education options to parents.