The British International Education Association (BIEA), a non-profit educational organisation in the UK, has signed an exclusive cooperation agreement with the development company of the UK’s well-known educational product Kinderly – the Nurserybook Ltd. BIEA and Nurserybook will jointly launch Kinderly NH app, a digital product for nursery teachers and parents using EYFS (Early Years Education Foundation Stage), the core of the UK’s early years basic education system.

The NH in the app title is an abbreviation of Nursery Home, and gives users a sense of its functions. For nurseries, the app will provide teachers with the document recording functions involved in EYFS teaching, such as the EYFS observation table and EYFS evaluation functions. For parents, the app provides an intuitive child development report and will also embed parenting knowledge and instructional videos that are aligned with the latest UK EYFS content, allowing more families to recognise EYFS and benefit from this internationally recognised early years education system.

EYFS is increasingly recognised as an important methodology in the international early years education circle, in nurseries and early years education institutions both in the UK and worldwide. But there are also difficulties in teaching and home communication during the implementation process; the development of the app will help solve these problems. There will be a joint effort to provide authentic EYFS products for nurseries around the world, and BIEA will assist partners to develop according to local needs.

BIEA E-League (Early Years League) members will also be the first users to benefit from the app. E-League is a consortium of British early years providers (EYP) promoted by BIEA. This consortium is dedicated to providing professional education and early years education to other countries and regions in the UK. Since its launch, it has also been committed to providing members with comprehensive product help and support. The development of BIEA-Kinderly NH reflects current trends in the market as well as demonstrating the deep insight of E-League’s needs for members.

As the leader of EYFS in the Chinese market, BIEA continues to provide EYFS services to more than 200 homes and EYFS related professional support for 5000+ teachers. Based on the establishment and operation of BIEA China Office, BIEA is familiar with the needs and demand of overseas markets, and has been committed to helping the globalisation of British education.

In BIEA’s development strategy, although ELQ (Early Years League Qualification) accreditation is the core of the E-League sector, building a platform to support member development is also the focus of E-League development.

Nurserybook Ltd. has extensive experience in the development of educational products. Kinderly’s well-known products, adhere to the UK EYFS to provide a good life for every child. It also provides a professional and effective digital childcare solution for early years educators.

Combining the strong educational background of one, and the industry-leading educational products of the other, BIEA and Kinderly have jointly developed the Kinderly NH App. This app will provide excellent teaching for nurseries and early years education institutions that practice EYFS education around the world, whilst also being convenient for parents to use in the home.

BIEA has extensive resources in the UK, including some from third-party collaborative suppliers. BIEA is expanding the market overseas and anticipates closer cooperation with the overseas in the future. BIEA welcomes the cooperation of various suppliers and nurseries, and strives to provide authentic EYFS products for nurseries around the world.