BIEA’s Early Years Chairman Chris Waterman and Head of E-League Sharron Fogarty both attended the 5th China Early Years Education Conference in Hangzhou this week, both giving lectures to a packed audience on issues relating to EYFS.

Chris presented on “Policy Development and Future of Early Years Education in the UK,” which was centred around the premise of letting every child have the opportunity to realise their potential, regardless of their family background and their environment. A hot topic in China right now in early-years circles as more and more parents opt for a more liberal style of teaching for their children, Chris’s words received an enthusiastic welcome from the attending teachers.  Chris then participated in a panel discussion with Sinia Roth, Dot Alam, Lu Mingkai and Zheng Fuming who are all experts across the field of early-years education. Chris rounded out the session by posing for photos with the Chinese teachers.

Sharron Fogarty, BIEA’s Teaching and Research Director talked about “Interpretation of the framework and concept of EYFS” but during her talk addressed other pressing issues which concern Chinese adopters of EYFS practices such as the way teaching is affected under the EYFS system and how EYFS could create a positive environment for children. Sharron then engaged the audience in a Q&A session in which many of the teachers actively participated, wanting to get as much from possible from her expertise.