Sharron Fogarty, Head of Early Years Education at the British International Education Association (BIEA) conducted a preliminary review of Dalian Wangkiu Academy on August 9th 2019. Sharron was accompanied by Yang Feng, the marketing director of BIEA China. Wangkiu Academy is a member of the BIEA E-League, and both Yang and Sharron were invited to attend the Academy’s EYFS course conference.

Wangkiu Academy provides top quality British EYFS education for children up to the age of six and is located in the Donggang business district in Dalian, Liaoning Province. The academy uses the EYFS framework and is hoping to meet the BIEA ELQ standard.

Sharron inspected both the indoor and outdoor environments of the Academy, as well as the situation of different classrooms and activity areas within the nursery that were developed according to a British EYFS framework. Sharron also reviewed the Academy’s observation and evaluation procedures, as well as giving suggestions regarding the Academy’s teaching plan.

Sharron observed classes being held at the nursery, and had discussions with the school director and teaching staff; she learnt the difficulties and the key points concerned with integrating the EYFS framework into the nursery and the wider culture.

After a succinct review of the school, Sharron was invited to attend the Academy’s EYFS course briefing meeting. She outlined the goals and teaching methods designed to enhance children’s understanding and development as propagated by the EYFS methods. This was appreciated and welcomed by the Academy.

Sharron believes that conditions in the Waingkiu Academy qualify for it to apply for the BIEA ELQ accreditation. Early Years Qualification (ELQ) is a certification that is given to overseas early years institutions by the BIEA and meets the high standard of British EYFS education. The BIEA E-League looks forward to Wangkiu Academy achieving ELQ accreditation and obtaining the support of the E-League’s various British educational resources.