Following the successful completion of the first BIEA E-League EYFS training in Shenzhen, the second EYFS training is currently in full preparation, which is expected to be held on 24 – 27 March 2019 in Shanghai. The theme is “EYFS Teaching, Principles into Practice”, and it is tailored around solving the practical difficulties teachers may face when applying the EYFS Framework. It will help teachers to understand the principles of the EYFS and how they can practically apply these on a day to day basis in their nursery.

There will be a 3-day compulsory course plus a 1-day elective course. The compulsory courses are focused on the EYFS observation, assessment and planning cycle. The elective courses cover two of the Prime areas of Learning and development with in the EYFS Framework, CLD (communication and language, development) and PD (physical development). Participants in this training will learn how to observe children and how to use observational assessments to inform planning for children’s learning. There will also be the opportunity to explore a range of systems to collect and record observations and assessment data with many examples provided. Participants will be provided with a set of EYFS practice guidance manuals to support them implement the practical elements in their nursery.

The training instructor is Sharron Fogarty, Head of E-League of BIEA, who is an EYFS expert with vast experience working at senior level both in the UK and oversea. She is a former UK early years Ofsted inspector and has recently been responsible for introducing the first unified early childhood inspection framework in the United Arab Emirates. Sharron brings a wealth of practical knowledge to the training, having worked as an EYFS teacher, Manager and Principle. She is responsible for the content and training materials and there will be many examples linked to British nurseries.

Since the launch in September 2019, E-League that aims to provide professional EYFS training has gained huge support from early years education practitioners’ in China. In the first phase, BIEA E-League brought the underlying knowledge of the UK EYFS education system to the teachers. The second phase of the EYFS course training will be around EYFS implementation.