China Soong Ching Ling Science and Culture Centre for Young People Joins BIEA in Developing STEM Education across China

British International Education Association (BIEA) is pleased to announce a partnership with Soong Ching Ling Science and Culture Centre for Young People (SCLSCC) on the BIEA 2020 International STEM Youth Innovation Competition.

The competition aims to inspire young people globally to study STEM subjects and consider a career in STEM, engaging them in a global enterprise, which is rooted in equal opportunities and educational development. The theme of the 2020 competition, “STEM the Tide of Plastic Pollution” addresses one of the most urgent environmental issues the world faces today. Challenging young people to utilise science and technology to tackle this problem encourages them to consider ambitious yet realistic approaches to the care and conservation of the planet and empowers them to have a meaningful impact, working towards creating a better future for the world, together.

As BIEA’s strategic competition partner in Mainland China, SCLSCC will deliver a regional model of the international competition across the country, engaging the largest education system in the world, which encompasses around 250 million students in well over 500,000 schools. This means that potentially millions more young people aged 9-21 will have the opportunity to develop their STEM learning and many more transferable skills, while the competition and programme itself expands even further internationally. Competitors in the Mainland China Regional Competition will also have the opportunity to win places in the international competition final, held in the UK in July 2020 and involving teams from around the globe.

At the signing ceremony on Monday, David Hanson, BIEA STEM Chairman shared the vision for the competition with the audience; he is confident that “our chosen topic will not only illustrate the importance of technological innovation when it comes to environmental protection, but also inspire the next generation of STEM graduates to put their minds to solving these pressing world issues.”

David Hanson presenting BIEA STEM Mission to the audience

BIEA’s mission is to promote British education to emerging international education markets in China, UAE and beyond, working to meet the needs and challenges in international education. BIEA is proud to be working with SCLSCC, an established and esteemed philanthropic organisation that aims to continue the work of Soong Ching Ling, an influential leader and political figure who had, among many other humanitarian pursuits, a life-long and active commitment to the development of education for youth and children.

The competition registration is open to schools across the world: