From the 19th to 21st October, BIEA Early Years League (E-League) held its first British EYFS (0-3 years old) thematic training in Hangzhou. The teachers who participated in the training obtained BIEA Continual Professional Development (CPD) certificates. As the first EYFS training in China focusing on 0-3 year old children, teachers sharing a passion for EYFS from all over the country learnt a lot of fresh information from Angela Fedi, BIEA’s CPD Training and Quality Assurance Specialist.

The training focused on the educational content of 0-3 years old children in the UK and how one can effectively link this with EYFS. Its content included child observation, evaluation, teaching plans and the support provided by EYFS in developing positive relationships amongst the children — this received high attention from teachers. The teachers put forward some specific problems related to circumstances in their nurseries; Angela drew from her rich teaching management experience consequently to give instructive solutions to these issues.

In order to consolidate the EYFS knowledge of the teachers, Angela held an interactive game session that required teachers to classify different behaviours according to their own understanding. She divided the teachers into groups and asked them to design thematic activities for children aged 0-3. She then gave professional advice and guidance according to each group’s design. In addition, Angela shared activity, weekly, and environmental plan examples for children based on the EYFS framework.

In the future, the BIEA E-League will expand the EYFS thematic training. Together with the BIEA Early Years League Qualification (ELQ) accreditation programmes, BIEA aims to bring the best support to teachers, providing more training in adapting EYFS, and more opportunities to visit excellent nurseries that will help E-League members improve the quality of education and establish authentic EYFS nurseries in their home countries.