The Embassy of the People’s Republic of China showed its support for BIEA’s efforts to combat the growing gap between the number of STEM students graduating and the growing number of STEM jobs needed in vital industries.

Minister Counsellor for Education Wang Yongli had the opportunity to speak in front of an assembled audience of international journalists, educators, government officials and STEM experts. He spoke of the traditional strength that China had in terms of STEM education and engagement with its young people. He related an old saying that if you can master chemistry you can master the world. He then followed this by drawing attention back to the reason for the event as a whole by stating that in the twenty-first century this is no longer enough to succeed. He praised the UK’s approach to STEM and in particular the more creative and innovative aspects that were missing from the Chinese approach. He finished his speech with a wish for closer cooperation between China and the UK in engaging young people in STEM.

This need for creativity has been reflected in the desire for Chinese educators to learn from British examples, particularly in early-years education which is a key aim of the BIEA E-league programme. With China representing a formidable pool of global STEM talent, BIEA looks forward to the entry of Chinese teams into the 2019 BIEA International STEM Youth Innovation Competition to meet peers from around the world, make friends and swap ideas and innovations.