On their final couple of days, the early-years practitioners from the January 2019 BIEA Overseas Teacher Tour visited St. Teresa’s school and got the chance to explore the sites of London.

The group visited St Teresa’s School in Dorking. Boasting a nursery, primary and secondary section the school provides an outstanding independent boarding environment for girls. The group was greeted by the Principle Mike Farmer who is also a BIEA board member and given a tour of the school’s ample facilities.

The group was particularly interested in the computerised evaluation facilities that the staff used to grade and assess their pupils. The group also got a second chance during their trip to engage with the concept of a forest school and develop their knowledge about what such a course entails and which of those lessons could successfully be transplanted to China. The group finished their tour with a look at the school’s boarding facilities and listen to how modern boarding management works.

The teachers also visited the nursery, including the role-playing area, creation area, and the reading area. Children can choose their favourite corner, and the teachers will change the materials regularly according to their interests and development needs. The nursery offers the Forest Learning course every Thursday, and the forest course continues until Year 2.

Mike Famer presented the certificate of completion to the group, he also delivered a closing speech – “I hope that we can continue to cooperate with the directors of the nurseries in China and spread the excellent educational concepts of both countries to the benefit of the children.” The teachers finished the day by sampling some fish & chips.

In the afternoon the group visited the main sites of London, including the British Museum, Horse Guards Parade, the London eye and finally finished with an afternoon tea on the riverside terrace at the Houses of Parliament.