We are proud to introduce Hanlin C.World Kindergarten into the BIEA family. The kindergarten, situated in Hebei region, has become the first kindergarten in its region to become a member of BIEA E-League. The E-League aims to provide the best of British early years education (EYFS – Early Years Foundation Stage) whilst also adapting the British education system to fit the local culture. This allows young academics to experience a prestigious internationally recognised education without losing touch of their wonderful culture.

Hanlin C.World Kindergarten is an international nursery located in Shijiazhuang high-tech zone. The 24,000 square metered institution puts the natural ecology of the land at the forefront. This allows the young academics to grow up conscience of the Earth around them so that in their later years they can join the fight for conservation. The institution also has a construction area of 13,000 square meters. As the nursery is an extension of the Hanlin Education Group it adheres to the philosophy of the “happiness education” aim, which has continued to flourish since it was introduced 18 years ago.

The natural ecology of the land in combination with the “happiness education” philosophy has resulted in the nursery aiming to create a “fairy tale kingdom”. Hanlin C.World does this by incorporating the near-by forests in tangent with castles to allow the young academics to free their mind and let their creativity be at the forefront. As a result of Hanlin C.World joining the BIEA E-League the nursery has actively participated in the UK CPD training course organised by BIEA. With the integration of EYFS into China’s rich and traditional culture it will allow the children to boost their inter-personal capabilities whilst also having the adverse effect of bringing the children closer to nature by building on Hanlin C.World’s ecology focus.

Through their involvement in the E-League Hanlin C.World’s 39 teachers have received training in Guangzhou, which has allowed them to actively interact with EYFS experts from the UK. The training course has promoted Hanlin C.World’s teachers to established a systematic understanding of the UK EYFS education framework, which helps to develop children to become more independent, confident, curious, comprehensive and love learning. This has given Hanlin C.World’s teachers the opportunity to incorporate the depth of knowledge contained in British education into their curriculums and teaching styles to promote a better standard of teaching.

To conclude, Hanlin C.World Kindergarten’s focus on an ecological education not only includes a wide range of outdoor activities (football fields, golf courses, etc.), but also a very warm and scientific indoor environment (home-style classrooms, independent activity rooms, chlorine-free indoor swimming pool, etc). The E-League course will allow teachers to focus on the core values of EYFS; a safe child-centred education, a deep and rich education programme that has been refined to perfection over centuries, and a rigorous training course to allow Hanlin C.World to make the most of their first-class facilities in an effective but safe way.