In May 2019, Molly Kids officially joined the British E-League of BIEA, becoming a member of the BIEA E-League nursery and the first 0-3 nursery school in Guangzhou.

Molly Kids was founded in 2016. It is an International Day Care Centre implementing the concept of British education. The centre is located in Guangzhou, Yangcheng City. The head of Molly Kid’s School of Nursery Studies said that the Centre’s focus on children who are happy, confident, thoughtful, physically and mentally healthy, and able to communicate with others was consistent with the UK’s EYFS children’s development goals, so the centre has always favoured the EYFS system. The BIEA E-League has four core educational resources to solve the EYFS teaching implementation, which is one of the reasons why the centre is determined to become a member of the E-League nurseries.

BIEA E-League (also known as BIEA Early Years League) aims to provide International education practitioners with the best British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) education training and resources, so that children and parents can experience the essence of British education. The four core resources it provides includes: British education’s expert guidance to solve academic problems, British CPD vocational training to solve teacher training problems, cooperative demonstration nurseries to solve practical problems, and British educational institutions to solve teaching support.

It is these excellent and marketable EYFS teaching resources that have attracted the attention of Molly Kids School who pursue high-quality EYFS teaching and are determined to become a member of the E-League family. Under the organisation of E-League, the director of Molly Kids’ education visited British nurseries to study the practice and implementation of EYFS.

As an international day care centre with a keen desire for teaching quality, Molly Kids has a high goal for the quality of the centre. According to the director of the centre, “Although the centre has become the first 0-3 nursery school member of the BIEA E-League in Guangzhou now, looking into the future, Molly Kids School hopes to gradually build the centre into an EYFS nursery school certified through the professional and authentic EYFS teaching resources provided by the E-League.”

The EYFS certification refers to the early education institutions implementing British EYFS courses outside the UK, which can apply for the International British Early Education Certification with International recognition. This means that the nuresry has met the standards for the establishment of British (overseas) International nurseries and the requirements for implementing the British early years education system. BIEA believes that with the support of various E-League resources, Molly Kids, which has passion and faith in education, will realise its dream!