The British International Education Association (BIEA) Early Years League (E-League) was launched in November 2018. The aim is to provide the best British early years education (Early Years Foundation Stage) training and resources for international education practitioners so that children and their parents could benefit from a British educational experience. The following month the child care institution Beyond R. submitted their applications for gaining EYFS accreditation and nursery membership to the BIEA E-League Committee. Since January 2019 Beyond R. has become a member of the E-League nursery member via the qualification examination of BIEA E-League UK Committee. In March Sharron Fogarty, Head of E-League, visited the nursery to complete the preliminary examination on behalf of the BIEA.

Located in Hangzhou, known as the paradise on earth, Beyond R. is a high-end childcare institution advocating British international education. Since its opening two years ago, the school has always adhered to the educational tenet of “the best choice for parents and the best start for children” outlined in the British EYFS. Under the guidance of EYFS, the school has also offered courses such as picture books, art and outdoor practice classes. The experience as a two years EYFS childcare institution, Beyond R. is eager to work towards the goal on how to improve the quality of the institution’s EYFS teaching , and hope to get more professional guidance from BIEA E-League, striving to provide better education based on the current schooling philosophy and incorporate with the seven learning objectives and teaching circles outlined in EYFS.

After making the examination of the EYFS nursery Ms Fogarty concluded that Beyond R. not only has a high recognition of the British concept of early years education but also has a clear understanding of the aims of British EYFS. Although the organisation has encountered some difficulties in initiating the EYFS teaching cycle and promoting the realisation of EYFS goals in several areas, the E-League Committee believes that with the support of the E-League’s comprehensive British educational resources, Beyond R. will become an excellent nursery with all the characteristics EYFS schools have in the UK.

The British EYFS has always been a highly praised early years education system throughout the world and the emerging international education market represented by China is in favour of such an EYFS system. However, how to introduce a purely British EYFS into nurseries is a difficult problem for many private early years education institutions in China. BIEA is a British local educational institution supported by the UK Department of International Trade (DIT) and other British institutions. E-League brings together the UK’s high-quality educational resources and UK EYFS experts. It has the ability and the advantages to provide the most comprehensive and professional EYFS teaching guidance for the members of the alliance.

The BIEA E-League Committee will assist the organisation to make more professional and comprehensive EYFS teaching while maintaining its original characteristics through teacher training, British research, providing guidance, teaching courses related support.

BIEA believes that combining the school-running philosophy of Beyond R. “Looking at the World with the Eye of Discovery” with the comprehensive British educational resources of E-League, a broader EYFS teaching world is found, delivering better international learning courses for children in the League and bring parents a better experience of international homeland co-education!