BIEA International STEM Youth Innovation Competition

The International STEM Youth Innovation Competition is an event for students aged 9-21, organised by the British International Education Association (BIEA), and supported by the British Science Association and the Royal Institution. It aims to raise the level of technological enthusiasm among students from all over the world as well as to stimulate students’ passion for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The competition builds bridges between science, technological innovation, education, and young people across a variety of industries. The competition is held every summer with a new science and innovation theme picked every year. The first event took place in 2018 and was only open to British students with the theme of creating a drone for a rescue situation. From across the UK, more than 2,000 schools participated, comprising of almost every type of school imaginable. The finals were held on 28th June 2018, at the Big Bang Fair South East.

2019 was the first international competition, with student teams from around the world taking part to design and develop drones in the battle of protecting wild and endangered animals. The finals of the competition was held in the Royal Air Force Museum, London in July 2019.

The 2020 STEM competition was held online, teams from 54 countries showcased their projects on how to save our shores from plastic pollution.

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Highlights of the BIEA 2019 International STEM Youth Innovation Competition: