The rise of China’s international schools

It’s no secret that China takes its education seriously. As we write millions…

5 days ago
Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework is an #earlyyears #education system recognised globally. #BIEA aims to foster a global environment in which every child is cultured in a rich British education; accomplished through the E-League. Read more. BIEAeducation photo
6 days ago
BIEA 2019 International #STEM Youth Innovation #Competition
Interview of the team - International Snow #Leopard Anti Poaching Society (I.S.L.A.P.S), Alpha Preparatory School, UK

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6 days ago
Some of you may find #Physics challenging, but @thephysicsgirl released an awesome video that might give you a new appreciation of the subject. #STEM #Education ://
7 days ago
Science Daily - "Efforts to promote and maintain women in more senior scientific roles are still largely inadequate." Be the change you want to see in the world! #STEM #WomenInSTEM
1 week ago
Today in Tech news; #PlayStation 1 was released in North America 24 years ago, I hope that does not make you feel old. #nostalgia #STEM BIEAeducation photo
2 weeks ago
"The reward for hard work is more hard work" - Nigerian high commission delegate, George Adesola Oguntade #FoodforThought BIEAeducation photo