The rise of China’s international schools

It’s no secret that China takes its education seriously. As we write millions…

1 week ago
We have nearly finalised judging the first round of the BIEA #STEM competition and we can’t wait to progress to the #Innovation and Presentation round! Watch our website to keep updated! BIEAeducation photo
2 weeks ago
BIEA Grants Membership Certificate of E-League to Shanghai Duimohn Bilingual Children's Education School. Read more:
3 weeks ago
The submission and registration for the first round of the BIEA 2019 Interntaional #STEM #Youth #Innovation #Competition has ended!

Thank you for all the support!

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4 weeks ago
Theo Bromfield from @DSWFWildlife & Lewis Bedford Youth Ambassador from @BornFreeFDN both agree that #technology and #conservation are hugely important!

Know more about the BIEA 2019 International #STEM Youth #Innovation #Competition & STEM Conference at
4 weeks ago
Congratulations to our Chairman Brendan Wignall who is now officially the treasurer of The Headmasters' and Headmistresses' Conference (HMC)! @HMC_Org
4 weeks ago
One week until the deadline! Do not forget to submit the entry form and report by 31st March 2019 (5pm UTC)!

More info. of BIEA #STEM #Compeittion:
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