STEM League (S-League) aims to serve the international organisations or schools located outside the UK to provide a platform to offer them the best British STEM education, bringing its members the best STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) resources and products, with the best support and services. BIEA fully supports the British STEM education development of its members.

After becoming a member and gained the accreditation, BIEA will recognise its “British” traits. BIEA ensures member quality control through annual inspections.

Members can gain access to exclusive STEM resources in the S-member marketplace where we provide professional STEM education learning resources and guidance. BIEA has close ties with many STEM experts and partners in the UK, providing STEM education consulting services and resources (professional curriculum framework building guidance, teaching aids, etc.) that are the best to the members, which have been reviewed by BIEA.

It also provides Continual Professional Development (CPD training), which are taught by top-tier STEM experts , members will receive CPD certificates after each training. BIEA also provides educational practitioners from overseas opportunities to participate in the UK study tour, which allow them to conduct STEM education visits in the field and communicate face to face with top-tier STEM experts.