CPD training

According to British regulations, all professionals (lawyers, doctors, teachers, principals, engineers, etc.) must attend a certain number of CPD courses per year and obtain a CPD certificate.

Through professional CPD training courses, large numbers of education practitioners can upgrade industry skills, broaden their horizons, solve bottlenecks encountered in career development and enhance competitiveness, which has the potential to also open up a broader career path for them.

In 2017, BIEA independently developed the UK International Education Training Course, which was officially approved making BIEA the only UK-based institution focuses exclusively on British international education CPD training outside the UK, providing opportunities for understanding and learning British education for practitioners around the world.

Highlights include:
a) Instructors are first-tier experts (principals, directors)
b) Curriculum is designed by British education and training experts, combining the needs of different overseas market. All courses are CPD certified.
c) Each trainee who participates in BIEA training can obtain a CPD UK International Education Professional Development (Principals/Directors, Other Managers, Teachers) certificate upon completion.
d) Workshops are integrated with the courses, they contain idea exchanges and face-to-face interaction with British teachers.
e) In addition to systematic learning content, it focuses on the latest, hot topics and trends.
f) UK study tour to perform visits to UK schools (nurseries) and classroom observation, which provides a deep learning and practical experience.
g) The certificate holder can assist the organisation to obtain BIEA E-League and S-League accreditation.