In Guanshanhu district, Guiyang city, Guizhou province, there is a nursery with British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) as the core. As the member of the British International Education Association (BIEA) Early Years League (E-League) in Guizhou, this nursery not only pursues the establishment of authentic British EYFS nursery, but also has a high pursuit of teaching quality.

Since joining the BIEA E-League in November 2018, it has not missed any EYFS themed training course sponsored by the E-League. After three periods of professional and systematic training, the backbone teachers of the nursery have mastered the core content of British EYFS teaching. The school has identified three basic areas in which the EYFS supports children’s learning and development (communication and language development; physical development; personal, social and emotional development) and four specific areas (literacy; mathematics; know the world; the content of art and design expression is integrated into the curriculum design of the nursery and integrated into the one-day process of the nursery. It has become one of the teaching features of the nursery to insist on the child as the centre and take games as the basic activity to promote children’s learning and development.

In addition, Green Rye Nursery also introduces professional children swimming courses and forest education. As Guizhou’s first nursery offering forest education, in order to provide more professional and conforms to the children’s physical and mental development of outdoor course, the nursery took an active part in training and activities organised by BIEA E-League, for example, studies group activities, director and backbone teachers from many well-known nurseries visited London after the characteristics of running a nursery, to return to studies of insight into the nursery design, which contains the natural ecological elements as main content to plan outdoor activities. In the nearly 11,000 square meters of outdoor space in the Green Rye nursery, there are not only large multi-functional wooden climbing frame, swing, slide, etc., but also towering trees and lush grass. The wide natural space provides great support and positive influence to cultivate children’s independent character and exploration spirit.

Personality independence, initiative, theoretical innovation are the goals of Green Rye Nursery education. The nursery offers learning and development education through providing children with time and space, and growing support based on the characteristics of the child’s own development, let every child can study in the environment of freedom, love with deep satisfaction and self-realisation.

In the future, Green Rye Nursery will continue to be supported by the E-League with great wealth of professional teaching resources support, which will be the essence of the British education to be instilled effectively into the early years education and daily life, to provide comprehensive services of high quality teaching for the child at the same time, fostering the child’s learning, making the nursery the best EYFS certification nursery in Guizhou area.

We believe that under the support of BIEA E-League resources, the Green Rye Nursery will reach a new milestone, and the E-League will arrange ELQ (British Early Years League Quality) inspector to inspect the nursery. We look forward to the Green Rye Nursery passing the certification and becoming the first ELQ certification nursery in Guiyang!