BIEA and the reowned British company Nurserybook signed an exclusive cooperation agreement, promoting the internationalisation of EYFS

The British International Education Association (BIEA), a non-profit educational organisation in the UK, has signed an exclusive cooperation agreement with the development company of the UK's well-known educational product Kinderly - the Nurserybook Ltd. BIEA and Nurserybook will jointly launch Kinderly NH app, a digital product for nursery teachers and parents using EYFS (Early Years Education Foundation Stage), the core of the UK's early years basic education system.

The NH in the name of the app is an abbreviation of Nursery Home, and gives users a sense of its functions. For nurseries, the app will provide teachers with the document record function involved in EYFS teaching, such as EYFS observation table and EYFS evaluation function. For parents, the app provides an intuitive child development report and will also embed parenting knowledge and instructional videos that are aligned with the latest UK EYFS content, allowing more families to recognise EYFS and benefit from this internationally recognised early years education system.

EYFS is increasingly recognised as an important methodology in the international early years education circle, in nurseries and early years education institutions both in the UK and in worldwide. But there are also difficulties in teaching and home communication during the implementation process. The development of the app will help solve these problems. There will be joint efforts to provide authentic EYFS products for nurseries around the world, BIEA will assist partners to develop according to local needs.

BIEA E-League (Early Years League) members will also be the first users to benefit from the app. E-League is a consortium of British early years providers (EYP) promoted by BIEA. This consortium is dedicated to providing professional education and early years education to other countries and regions in the UK. Since its launch, it has also been committed to providing members with comprehensive product help and support. The development of BIEA-Kinderly NH reflects current trends in the market as well as demonstrating the deep insight of E-League's needs for members.

As the leader of EYFS in the Chinese market, BIEA continues to provide EYFS services to more than 200 homes and EYFS related professional support for 5000+ teachers. Based on the establishment and operation of BIEA China Office, BIEA is familiar with the needs of overseas market and demand, and has been committed to helping the globalisation of British education.

In BIEA's development strategy, although ELQ (Early Years League Qualification) accreditation is the core of the E-League sector, building a platform to support member development is also the focus of E-League development.

Nurserybook Ltd. has extensive experience in the development of educational products. Kinderly’s well-known products, adhere to the UK EYFS to provide a good life for every child. It also provides a professional and effective digital childcare solution for early years educators.

Combining the strong educational background of one, and the industry-leading educational products of the other, BIEA and Kinderly have jointly developed the Kinderly NH App. This app will provide excellent teaching for nurseries and early years education institutions that practice EYFS education around the world, whilst also being convenient for parents to use in the home.

BIEA has extensive resources in the UK, including resources from third-party collaborative suppliers. BIEA is expanding the market overseas and anticipate closer cooperation with the overseas in the future. BIEA welcomes the cooperation of various suppliers and nurseries, and strives to provide authentic EYFS products for nurseries around the world.

BIEA 2020 International STEM Youth Innovation Competition - Theme announced

We are delighted to announce the 2020 BIEA competition theme "SOS - STEM (Stop) The Tide of Plastic Pollution."

As plastic pollution along water- and shorelines is one of the most pressing environmental problems that the world is currently facing, the 2020 BIEA competition will ask teams of school students to come up with innovative solutions.  Work in teams and develop your skills in this brand-new challenge which will get you thinking, researching and creating an engineering solution that can be applied to a real-world problem.

Pre-registration is open now and details of the first round (report writing) will be announced in January 2020. Teams who qualify for the finals will be invited to the UK Finals Event to be held in July 2020.

Register here and be kept updated about the 2020 competition.

Let education happen naturally!

Chengdu-based Inbay Starson Nature Education Garden joins the BIEA E-League

Inbay Starson Nature Education Garden is the latest member to link up with the BIEA E-League.
The nursery has successfully integrated the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) teaching system alongside Chinese culture and the Taiwanese conservation system.

Each nursery member that has joined the BIEA E-League has developed teaching characteristics based on the Early Years Foundation Stage concept in the early years schooling curriculum in the United Kingdom.

Development is key

Inbay Starson Nature Education Garden is located in Chengdu, Sichuan province. It covers an area of 9,112 square metres, with a garden area covering 7,400 square metres, giving Inbay Starson Nature Education Garden a reputation of being a true ecological education nursery. The nursery provides professional and standard childcare services for children aged 0-5, bridging classes for children aged 5-6 and natural camp activities for children aged 6-12. The educational concept of “Let education happen naturally” is fully reflected in the teaching services of the entire nursery.

“Development is Important” is a key theme at the school – and encompasses the seven major areas which increase enthusiasm within the classroom and enable an understanding, creating a favourable environment for EYFS education to flourish.’’

The early year’s education system in the UK is centred on children - and advocates children's learning and development through the use of games. Children's early years education learning goals are achieved through the EYFS teaching cycle and the EYFS key person system, with the BIEA E-League being one of the main projects of the British International Education Association to promote British style education overseas. Since Inbay Starson Nature Education Garden became a member of the BIEA E-League, the nursery has adapted the EYFS system in order to meet their own needs by operating a system that integrates EYFS with Chinese culture.

Main Focus

Inbay Starson Nature Education Garden’s main focus is the education of children aged 0-5, however for older age groups, the nursery provides education activities in tandem with nature, tied in with Anglo-Sino integration. The nursery also provides sensory experiences and natural art activities for children aged 3-5, natural life and science activities for children aged 6-8, natural development and physical training for children aged 9-10 and wilderness survival and forest challenge activities for children aged 10-12.

The setting of these thematic activities are closely related to British wildlife education, which is reflected in the EYFS teaching methods. Additionally, Inbay Starson Nature Education Garden sent a key teacher to participate in the BIEA E-League EYFS training in Guangzhou, Guangdong province to equip themselves with EYFS training.

Accreditation and training achievements for teachers

At present, Inbay Starson Nature Education Garden's teachers have obtained the nationally recognised nursery teacher certificates. It is anticipated that with a highly skilled team of teachers trained in the BIEA E-League EYFS setting, rich curriculum resources and the support of British experts and resources, it will become a highly recognised and outstanding international education centre.

ELQ certification and professional teaching standards

Furthermore, Inbay Starson Nature Education Garden is working towards gaining ELQ certification, while early years institutions working with the EYFS system are eligible for ELQ accreditation from the BIEA. ELQ accreditation works alongside four core standards: an education programme, inclusivity, organisation and management and children’s well-being. All four core standards are based on a number of key factors, with accreditation taking up to 12 months to complete, subject to an on-site review and assessment.

The BIEA E-League expects Inbay Starson Nature Education Garden to achieve international recognition and a professional ELQ certification in the near future, with professional teaching standards and school quality adhering to the British curriculum.


Preliminary ELQ Inspection of the Yubei Royal Care International Kindergarten

Sharron Fogarty, the head of British International Education Association E-League, carried out an initial review of the Royal Care Kindergarten on August the 20th.

Sharron’s initial review examined all aspects of the nurseries procedures – teaching planning, observation record keeping as well as management procedures and teaching methods etc – with reference to Early Years Qualification (ELQ) standards.

Sharron had interviews and discussions with the Director and teaching staff after observing the methods used in the classes.

After this initial review Sharron expressed the expectation that the nursery would become the first EYFS nursery in China to obtain an ELQ.

African Teens STEM Award – Conservation of endangered African wild dogs with drones

On 3 September 2019, the British International Education Association was delighted to present the ‘Best Participation Award’ to Team Eagles from CEDEC International Secondary School Nigeria for their impressive effort at the annual BIEA International STEM Youth Innovation Competition. The team missed the grand final due to a string of passport and visa issues, but was determined to make it to London.

In the hour-long session at the historical Royal Air Force (RAF) Museum, 11th Grader Phebe Joshua, Ekene Umegakwe and Abraham Aniekwe gave a presentation of their research project on Conservation of African Wild Dogs in front of BIEA’s STEM Chairman David Hanson, Sarah Castle and Vernon Creek from the RAF Museum and Nigerian High Commissioner His Excellency Ambassador George Adesola Oguntade.

The audience learnt about the conservation challenges facing Africa wild dogs and how the team propose to deal with the issue. Only an estimated 6600 Africa wild dog, including 1400 mature specimens, still exist in the wild in countries like South Africa, Tanzania, Botswana, Chad, Benin, Central Africa Republic and Namibia. The species has already gone extinct in Cameroon, Egypt, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Mauritania, Sierra Leone, Swaziland, and Burundi.

David commented on the young students performance as ‘showing a level of great maturity and consideration to the current ecological issue facing the world’. The High Commissioner was equally impressed and congratulated the team on their achievement, ‘At these young ages, you’ve already mapped a niche for yourself, I have no doubt that you will become celebrities in no distance time.’

The registration is now open for the BIEA 2020 International STEM Youth Innovation Competition. Please sign up on

Early years teachers fully enjoyed and appreciated the BIEA UK summer study tour


The BIEA summer school on early years education ended on the 19th of August after nine days of activity. The teachers had many discussions with British nursery schoolteachers and principals. They gained an understanding the British forest education curriculum and the management practice in general carried out in British nurseries.

EYFS expert, Claire Berridge, gave a talk on early years British educational practice concerning those children under the age of three.

British forest education practitioner, Ingrid Chen, gave a lecture regarding the delivery of the curriculum to the study group, many questions regarding forest education were proposed. How do teachers perform risk assessments in the outdoor venues prior to preparing for a forest themed class? What rules should there be when holding outdoor classes? Is there a classic game related to forest education practice?

The teachers attended a forest class at London’s Lion Square Park to help them understand what problems could be encountered when delivering such a class.

The study tour has given the teachers a better understanding or the internationally recognised British early years education system and its integration within the EYFS framework. The teachers visited The Little Angel Nursery, a very well-resourced establishment, and whilst they learnt how UK nurseries deal with child accidents and mishaps. At the well-respected Willow Children’s Centre the study group experienced organising and developing outdoor activities for children. At the Holland Park Pre-Prep Nursery in West London the teachers had an interview with the Bursar there, Phil Chilling, and were given examples of documenting the learning and development details of a child’s growth.

Study abroad enhances a teacher’s understanding of any advances concerning the development of education practice internationally. The British educational framework is on of the most recognised early years educational systems. The BIEA has been organising UK tours for overseas early years educators, which has enabled them to be at the front of current British educational practice. The BIEA anticipates that more visits to British nurseries will be organised in future to inspire early years teachers from around the world to develop new teaching methods and to support overseas nurseries in implementing the British EYFS framework in meeting BIEA’s Early Years Learning Qualification (ELQ) standards.

A group of Chinese early years teachers were awarded British CPD Certificates after BIEA training

Early years teachers from all over China obtained British Continuing Professional Development (CPD) certificates at a BIEA training course on the 15th of August.

Sharron Fogarty, BIEA head of EYFS teaching delivered the training based on three modules – observation, evaluation and planning.

The teachers were divided into teams and watched videos of the activities of the children in nursery. Referring to the publications “EYFS Aims” and “Development is Important” the teachers observed the effective learning characteristics of the children. They then recorded those observations.

Sharron then reviewed the observations and explained and clarified any key points that the teachers had failed to note. Sharron found that the teachers were unfamiliar in linking the EYFS observation record with the EYFS child development records and explained how to link this with the development goals.

Sharron believes that: “This kind of simulation teaching method can quickly test the teachers’ understanding of EYFS related knowledge and help to place that EYFS content closer to the actual teaching needs as well as supporting the Chinese teachers in integrating EYFS methods into their teaching.” Sharron also explained real-time planning for EYFS teaching methods.

The BIEA E-League EYFS themed training conforms to the British CPD standard. Each participating teacher earns CPD credits to prove the depth of understandi,ng of the British EYFS framework that they have achieved. It is important that nurseries with CPD certified teachers advance to take part in Early years League Qualification (ELQ) accreditation that is developed by the BIEA.

With the extensive promotion of BIEA accredited nurseries, more teachers will participate in EYFS training and obtain the CPD qualification. BIEA E-League will continue to improve the course content of the EYFS training thus enabling more early years teachers to obtain certification and more nurseries to become ELQ compliant.

The teachers involved in the training also visited the Beijing Royal Care International Kindergarten.

BIEA and China’s Soong Ching Ling Foundation have reached a consensus on the cooperation between British and Chinese teachers

On the 19th of August, Sharron Fogarty, Head of Early Years at BIEA, and Yang Feng, Marketing Director of BIEA’s Chinese Office, visited Beijing Soong Ching Ling Science and Technology Cultural Exchange Centre. There the two individuals had a discussion with the Deputy Director and Director of the Centre, Hongtao Su and Jun Zhao, respectively; and the Deputy Director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Department of the Soong Ching Ling Foundation, Hua Yang, about the prospects of cooperation between the UK and China on early years education. Both sides reached a consensus with the intention of cooperation to allow for exchange of early years teachers. In addition, the consensus also called for the implementation of forums for the international early year’s directors. The goal is to strengthen communications between parties and allow for the easier transfer of knowledge, it was agreed that the forums will be capable of making the goal a reality.

Deputy director and director of the Soong Ching Ling Child Care Centre Jing Liu and Shufang Li escorted a visit to the Soong Ching Ling Nursery. Among attendees, the visit stimulated an understanding of the system and curriculum currently implemented in Chinese nurseries. The visit laid the foundation for the two parties to learn from each other and establish cooperation.

Jing Liu (second from left), deputy director of the Child Care Centre, introduces the nursery to Sharron Fogarty (first from right), Head of Early Years of BIEA

As of present times, China's early years education is welcoming an important stage of reform. The British EYFS has established itself internationally as a highly prestigious system in early years education. Since its implementation in the UK in 2008, the programme has put at the forefront its advanced educational philosophy and flexible teaching methods. China is open to adopting the British standard into its nursery’s curriculums, allowing for the elevation of children’s education in an ever more demanding global market.

During the visit to Soong Ching Ling Nursery, the children of Soong Ching Ling Child Care Centre greeted BIEA with a very warm and welcoming hospitality

More Chinese early years educators should learn the advanced international early years education concept, allowing for the integration of the programme into Chinese cultural characteristics. There by, enabling the cultivation of global talents in China and influencing a major trend in current educational development. The parties are confident that the discussions between BIEA and the Soong Ching Ling Foundation on Sino-British teachers' exchanges and the educational forums for directors will be of a great benefit to both parties, but most specifically, the discussions will have a huge adverse benefit for young the children who will be participating in the higher level of education.

The children of Soong Ching Ling Nursery presented a traditional Chinese clay door knocker to Sharron

BIEA and the Soong Ching Ling Foundation have previously had an on-going relationship. Prior to this meeting, BIEA Board Chairman Gareth Bullock led the team to meet with the Chinese Soong Ching Ling Foundation in Beijing and was welcomed by the Vice Chairman of the Foundation, Qun Yu. In addition, Qun visited and cheered for the Chinese team during the BIEA 2019 International STEM Youth Innovation Competition. It is believed that after the discussions cooperation between the two parties have grown stronger.

BIEA Early Years Head attends EYFS workshop in Beijing

Sharron Fogarty, Head of BIEA early years along with Yang Feng the Marketing Director of BIEA China, attended an EYFS workshop in Beijing on the 17th of August 2019. The workshop was to bring together Chinese early years educators with British early years professionals and discuss the Chinese early years educational system with a particular emphasis on the current bottleneck. The workshop attracted educators and investors from Beijing along with teachers and directors from a wide area around the city.

Sharron, who had achieved the first “Outstanding” judgement from Ofsted the British Education Standards Authority for her work on early years education in her locality, talked about British EYFS and its advantages compared to other international systems. Sharron also talked about how the four major themes and principles along with the seven learning and development fields complement each other in the British system.

Yang talked of the EYFS in China and said that strong integration and high recognition were the main objectives of teachers in China. The teachers were informed of the forthcoming launch of the BIEA E-League accreditation standard (Early Years League Qualification ELQ) for overseas early years educational institutions that adopt the British EYFS framework and showed great interest.

Having gained an understanding of the British EYFS framework and hoping to assist in its implementation in China, many of the nursery schoolteachers and directors raised questions concerning its integration into local culture. Sharron gave advice and guidance especially referencing her own experience in implementing the system in Britain. Yang went on to explain the standards and scope of the assessment of the ELQ accreditation and how to apply for it.

The open attitude towards British early years educational systems by China’s educational establishment was demonstrated by the successful completion of the Beijing EYFS workshop.

With the increasing membership of the BIEA E-League and the continuing implementation of ELQ accreditation standards, more nurseries will adopt the BIEA E-League framework. This can only improve the systems integration locally and benefit the education of young children.

BIEA conducted an ELQ preliminary review for Wangkiu Academy

Sharron Fogarty, Head of Early Years Education at the British International Education Association (BIEA) conducted a preliminary review of Dalian Wangkiu Academy on August the 9th 2019. Sharron was accompanied by Yang Feng the marketing director of BIEA China. Wangkiu Academy is a member of the BIEA E-League and both Yang and Sharron were invited to attend the Academy’s EYFS course conference.

Wangkiu Academy provides top quality British EYFS education for children up to the age of six and is located in the Donggang business district in Dalian, Liaoning Province. The Academy uses the EYFS framework and is hoping to meet the BIEA ELQ standard.

Sharron inspected both the indoor and outdoor environments of the Academy as well as the situation of different classrooms and activity areas within the nursery that were developed according to a British EYFS framework. Sharron also reviewed the Academy’s observation and evaluation procedures as well as giving suggestions regarding the Academy’s teaching plan.

Sharron observed classes being held at the nursery and had discussions with the school director and teaching staff; she learnt the difficulties and the key points concerned with integrating the EYFS framework into the nursery and the wider culture.

After a succinct review of the school, Sharron was invited to attend the Academy’s EYFS course briefing meeting. She outlined the goals and teaching methods designed to enhance children’s understanding and development as propagated by the EYFS methods. This was appreciated and welcomed by the Academy.

Sharron believes that conditions in the Waingkiu Academy qualify for it to apply for the BIEA ELQ accreditation. Early Years Qualification (ELQ) is a certification that is given to overseas early years institutions  by BIEA that meet a high standard of British EYFS education. The BIEA E-League looks forward to Wangkiu Academy achieving ELQ accreditation and obtaining the support of the E-League’s various British educational resources.