Chengdu-based Inbay Starson Nature Education Garden joins the BIEA E-League

Inbay Starson Nature Education Garden is the latest member to link up with the BIEA E-League. The nursery has successfully integrated the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) teaching system alongside Chinese culture and the Taiwanese conservation system.

Each nursery member that has joined the BIEA E-League has developed teaching characteristics based on the Early Years Foundation Stage concept in the British schooling curriculum.

Development is key

Inbay Starson Nature Education Garden is located in Chengdu, Sichuan province. It covers an area of 9,112 square metres, with a garden area covering 7,400 square metres, giving Inbay Starson Nature Education Garden a reputation of being a true ecological education nursery. The nursery provides professional and standard childcare services for children aged 0-5, bridging classes for children aged 5-6 and natural camp activities for children aged 6-12. The educational concept of “Let education happen naturally” is fully reflected in the teaching services of the entire nursery.

“’Development is Important’ is a key theme at the school – and encompasses the seven major areas which increase enthusiasm within the classroom and enable an understanding, creating a favourable environment for EYFS education to flourish.’’

The early years education system in the UK is centred on children – and advocates children’s learning and development through the use of games. Childrens’ early years education learning goals are achieved through the EYFS teaching cycle and the EYFS key person system, with the BIEA E-League being one of the main projects of the British International Education Association that promotes British style education overseas. Since Inbay Starson Nature Education Garden became a member of the BIEA E-League, the nursery has adapted the EYFS system in order to meet their own needs, by operating a system that integrates EYFS with Chinese culture.

Main Focus

Inbay Starson Nature Education Garden’s main focus is the education of children aged 0-5, however the nursery provides education activities in tandem with nature, tied in with Anglo-Sino integration, for older age groups. The nursery also provides sensory experiences and natural art activities for children aged 3-5, natural life and science activities for children aged 6-8, natural development and physical training for children aged 9-10, and wilderness survival and forest challenge activities for children aged 10-12.

The setting of these thematic activities are closely related to British wildlife education, which is reflected in the EYFS teaching methods. Additionally, Inbay Starson Nature Education Garden sent a key teacher to participate in the BIEA E-League EYFS training in Guangzhou, Guangdong province to equip themselves with EYFS training methods.

Accreditation and training achievements for teachers

At present, Inbay Starson Nature Education Garden’s teachers have obtained the nationally recognised nursery teacher certificates. It is anticipated that with a highly skilled team of teachers trained in the BIEA E-League EYFS setting, a rich curriculum resources, and the support of British experts and resources, it will become a highly recognised and outstanding international education centre.

ELQ certification and professional teaching standards

Furthermore, Inbay Starson Nature Education Garden is working towards gaining ELQ certification, while early years institutions working with the EYFS system are eligible for ELQ accreditation from the BIEA. ELQ accreditation works alongside four core standards: an education programme, inclusivity, organisation and management, and children’s well-being. All four core standards are based on a number of key factors, with accreditation taking up to 12 months to complete, subject to an on-site review and assessment.

The BIEA E-League expects Inbay Starson Nature Education Garden to achieve international recognition and a professional ELQ certification in the near future, with professional teaching standards and school quality adhering to the British curriculum.