Global warming, disappearing forests, marine pollution, loss of biodiversity…we are facing serious problems of environmental collapse.  What can humans do? The BIEA 2019 International Youth Competition partner and British wildlife conservation charity, the Born Free Foundation, has promoted the use of technology of in animal protection work, helping to facilitate a peaceful coexistence between humans and animals.

This view was outlined by the Born Free Foundation CEO, Howard Jones, and Dr Liz Greengrass in ‘Environmental Challenges Facing Science and Technology And How To Play A Role In The Protection Of Wild Animals, ’ their talk that was delivered at the inaugural BIEA STEM Conference in January 2019.

Their talk emphasised their excitement of being involved in animal protection. The Born Free Foundation described how humans and animals can co-exist through the use of aeronautical platforms, communication and tracking technology.  These and other similar technologies are used in their programs to assist their animal protection strategies and conservation work. Drones are being used to track and record wild animal movements; communication, hi-tech security and other technological tools are also being advanced by the Born Free Foundation teams.

Dr. Liz Greengrass, The Born Free Foundation’s Head of Conservation, said that “Science and technology has a huge potential for helping in the support of endangered wildlife. With the involvement of the BIEA STEM Competition for teenagers, and its theme of using drone technology for wildlife conservation, young people will be encouraged and enthused to participate in conservation.”

The entry period for the BIEA STEM International Youth Competition is approaching its closure. International STEM workers, experts in wildlife conservation, international schools, students and parents have all been enthusiastically getting involved.

If you want to be involved in technological innovation, wildlife protection and be part of creating an exciting future for our planet, contact your teacher to submit a registration application. You can find the entry details on the 2019 BIEA STEM International Youth Competition official website.

In promoting human and wildlife coexistence, the BIEA hopes to engage the involvement of young people in the long-term support and sustainability of the environment. If we can do this by encouraging young people to do this and engage with new technologies at the same time, then all the better.

BIEA 2019 International Youth Branch Competition official website:

The Born Free Foundation Profile

The Born Free Foundation was founded 35 years ago and is one of the world’s leading wildlife conservation charities. They have always been committed to advocating compassionate protection in order to improve the survival of endangered wild species and their ecosystems. We hope that this work with the BIEA will also have a positive impact for wildlife.