On the 21st October, the BIEA Early Years League (E-League) successfully held a three-day EYFS training session in Chengdu. The teachers gained professional EYFS knowledge, as well as a deeper understanding of how nursery teachers in the UK work, with the help of BIEA CPD Training and Quality Assurance Specialist Angela Fedi. They were enthusiastic and expressed their excitement for next session’s agenda.

The EYFS training takes the interpretation of the early years education in the UK as a focus, and serialises the important contents of the key person system, teaching and learning methods, home education and child behaviour. Out of these, the teachers were most impressed with the contents of the key person system.

The key person system outlined in the British EYFS framework refers to the dedication of a staff member (teacher) in taking care of – and being responsible for – a group of children in nurseries. This makes the children feel safe and looked after, and the key person then assumes an important role in their growth. The implementation of this system is one of problems being encountered by Chinese nurseries.

After the training session, the teachers commented that they understood the importance of the key person system, which facilitates continuous evaluation in a child’s growth, but were wary that the implementation of the system still requires adaptation to be successfully integrated into the Chinese nurseries. In addition, Angela further summarised the qualities that a key person should possess and the strategies they should master before visiting a child’s family. Teachers found the discursive element of the training to be valuable, as they could communicate with experienced British EYFS experts face to face.

On the last day of the training, Angela presented the Continual Professional Development (CPD) certificates to the teachers. With BIEA’s promotion of Early Years League Qualification (ELQ), its recognition in Chinese nurseries is getting higher.

In the UK, professionals like lawyers, doctors, or teachers must take a certain number of CPD courses per year in order to obtain a CPD certificate and upgrade their industry skills. BIEA ELQ also has the same requirements for the teachers of the accredited nurseries; this is also one of the factors determining whether the nurseries can achieve accreditation.