Education Stakeholder Event 2019

BIEA CEO Nikki Collins joined other senior managers from the education sector to discuss education strategy for the UK.

Hosted by the Department of International Trade at The Institute of Engineers the discussion focused on where UK education should be pending Brexit. The goal is to keep the UK at the forefront of international education.

Dr Liam Fox MP, Secretary of State for International Trade said that Early Years, distance learning and vocational training are key to international collaboration.

BIEA is constantly developing new products and services tailored to the needs of emerging educational markets such as that in China. BIEA launched the Early Years League to assist educators and teachers in implementing the Early Years Foundation Stage to their environments.

The E-League programme ties in with UK government policy of supporting the Chinese in finding a solution to their shortage of skilled Early Years teachers.

Damien Hindes, the Education Minister, spoke of the value of international education to British society, “International students bring far more than just financial benefits to the UK, they also bring cultural diversity.” He also added, “It’s never been more important to be globally minded, outward looking and ambitious than it is today. The competition has never been more fierce and the opportunities never greater.”

The audience were very impressed by the progress of the BIEA International STEM competition. 45 teams from 18 different countries are now translating their designs into working models for the finals. The competition is an exciting focus of many ideas and designs and will also provide an excellent opportunity for international dialogue and friendship.